Hair coloring at home can be a challenge for many women, that's why this article was created. In it, tips and care are given that every woman should take when performing this task. I would also recommend visiting for more guides and reviews of 1b hair.

Coloring your hair at home can become a real disaster when you do not take into account some factors such as the choice of type of color, the color and even the personal color test, to see if the chosen shade matches your skin tone .

In order to help you, who want to learn how to dye your hair yourself at home, we have separated some essential tips that should be taken into account to avoid the main mistakes of those who venture to change the tone of the locks or touch up the color.

Tips on how to dye your hair yourself

If you want to learn how to dye your hair yourself know that the process is not difficult and with some tips everything tends to go the way you want:

Choice of coloring

The first step is to choose the type of coloring that can vary between the toner (or semi permanent paint), which serves to give shine and revive the color, permanent paint or temporary paint.

Next comes the choice of color. The ideal is to perform the personal color test to see if the new shade chosen will match your skin tone.

Finally, always prefer a well-known and trusted brand.

Sensitivity test

Before applying the hair color, perform the sensitivity test to check if you have any allergies. Also called a touch test , it must be performed at least 48 hours before painting the locks.

To do the sensitivity test, just with the help of a cotton swab, pass a little coloring cream behind the ear. Let it dry and repeat the process two more times. Do not wash or touch the spot and watch the skin reaction for the next two days. If there is no redness or other allergic reaction, the coloring can be applied to the hair.

Wick test

The wick test should be done to determine the strength of the yarn and the final color result.

To do so, just follow the step by step below:

· Mix a small amount of the product (coloring and emulsion) as if you were going to use it;

· Separate a small lock of hair, preferably from the top of the head;

· Apply to this lock and let it act for 30 minutes;

· Wash the wick and dry it with a dryer or let it dry naturally;

· Observe the condition of the colored strand. If the structure of the threads is weakened, dried out, porous or brittle, do not use the coloring and choose a treatment until the condition of the thread is normal. When applying the coloring, do not apply the product again to the wick used in the wick test.

Buy the right amount

Those who have a lot of hair and want to change the color completely may need more than one box to perform the coloring. As for retouching roots, one box is sufficient.

Get ready for the application

Put on an old or stained clothes, organize the place where you will apply the coloring, use gloves and apply cream on the face and neck to facilitate the removal of the paint from these regions after rinsing.

Method of application

With dry hair, without washing, start by dividing it in half and attach both sides. Start the application of the coloring by the nape, going from this region towards the forehead. Then apply on top, going from root to ends.

Then massage the hair to spread the color evenly and ensure that all strands are dyed.

Then just wait the recommended time (on average 45 minutes) and rinse. Apply conditioner to the tips, as they are the ones that usually pick up the color the most.

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